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Fairfax Smoke, Vape, Tobacco & Cigars Shop in Wilmington

Shop best premium cigars, tobacco, vape & smoke accessories with us. We’re a locally owned and operated cigarette outlet in Wilmington , Delaware that focuses on providing our customers with the highest quality smoking experience. Our primary goal is to give you not only the best products but also the best service. Swing by, and check out our premium brand cigarettes, cigars, Roll Your Own Tobacco Products, including rolling machines at discount prices. Other specialty items, which we carry at our stores, include imported premium cigars, pipes and pipe tobacco and Delaware lottery results, including Powerball, Mega Millions, and Del Lottery in-state games. It is our goal to provide our customers the best tobacco products at low prices so you can afford quality for less.

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Our Products

We know cigars, feel free to engage with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.  We will help you find whatever you need; premium discount cigarettes, roll your own tobacco (try our “House Blend”), cigarette tubes, papers, and machines, fine and domestic cigars, wooden pipes and pipe tobacco, glass pipes and water pipes, table top and portable dry herb and oil vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, accessories, and nicotine juices, hookah pipes and shisha tobacco, smoke odor exterminator candles and spray air fresheners, incense sticks, cones, and burners, butane lighters, and much more!


All of these blends are the kind you can enjoy at any time of the day. They don’t contain heavy flavorings, and deliver smooth taste. But most importantly, they’re among the most affordable blends you’ll find.


We carry all Delaware lottery games allowed by the law. Choose from KENO, Sports Lottery (football), POWERBALL, Mega Millions, Multi win Lotto, Hot Lotto, Cash 5, Play 3, Play 4, and don’t forget the popular Scratch Tickets. Come by our store today.


When it comes to true lovers of the leaf, pipes and cigars go hand in hand, which is why we’re proud to offer some of the finest cigars on the planet. We have everything for our fellow cigar buffs, from boutique premium cigars to your everyday value bundles and domestic cigars.

Sports Betting

Pro Football Parlay Card Wagering is available at Sportsbooks and Delaware Sports Lottery (Sports betting ticket) Retailers throughout the state! Remember, you must be 21 years old and in the state of Delaware to play. Try Sports Betting on your your favorite sports game or team today.


We carry large selection of electronic cigarettes and accessories and are constantly refining our designs and acquiring new ones. Our e-cig store has vaping equipment from starter kits and cartridge refills to disposable e-cigarettes and e-juice from all the top US brands.


In order to get full enjoyment out of your tobacco, there are some critical pipe or cigar accessories you’ll need to keep on hand. We sale lighters, cutters, pipe tools, and cleaners you’ll ever need to keep those cigars in check and that pipe in tip top shape.

Our Testimonials

We are so proud of the work that we do for our customers. Please take a moment and read what they have to say about their experience in our store at Fairfax News Stand

This cigar shop has it all. The staff is knowledgeable and offers great customer service. They even have lotto. I recommend this shop to anyone looking for rare and hard to find cigars

Shawn K

Wilmington, DE

love this store they have everything you would need plus more, their prices are the best in the Wilmington, DE (Delaware Valley). The people are very nice helpful and knowledgable. You can’t beat that

Dylan G

Philadelphia, PA

Lowest prices on cigarettes in NJ, PA, & DE and No Sales Tax

Fairfax News Stand tobacco, cigar and cigarettes outlet offers the largest selection of cigarettes. We carry all the major brand cigarettes at state minimum prices. Buy Fresh and Quality cigarettes at lowest price in Delaware Valley!

All major brands of chewing tobacco and pouch chewing tobacco sold here

We’ve got everything you need when it comes to chewing tobacco. We stock all the major brands and also many choices that you will never find in a convenience store. Our goal is that you will find your can of chew fresh and in stock everyday at Fairfax News Stand in Wilmington, DE.

Domestic and Imported premium cigars from fine aged tobacco

We offers a wide variety of domestic and imported premium cigars. Such as Avo, Macanudo, Davidoff, Arturo Fuente and  domestic cigar brands such as: Antonio y Cleopatra, Middleton, Dutch Masters, Hav-A-Tampa, and many more.

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We look forward to seeing and selling you the lottery tickets that may turn into millions. Come and buy your tickets today!

Check Out Our Money Saving Cigarette Tubes

Build your own cigarette, we offers a wide variety of cigarette tubes with filters for a smooth smoke every time. VeraCruz Cigarette Tubes ● Gizeh Cigarette Tubes ● Beretta Elite Cigarette Tubes ● Windsail Cigarette Tubes ● Ramback Cigarette Tubes

We carry a wide variety of newspapers and magazines

If you read magazines, we have a very wide range covering all types of interest, crossword puzzles, to sports, to hobbies, to lifestyle, to adult sophisticate titles.

Flavored e-liquid for your vapor cigarettes

We carry gourmet E-Cigs organic e-juice and a range of electronic cigarette products. We carry some of the best and highest quality flavors e-liquids. E-liquid is best enjoyed when you find a flavor you enjoy and a nicotine level that satisfies your cravings!

We sell tobacco accessories

Come visit our store for hookahs, Pipes & other novelty items. We update our inventory regularly!

Zippo Lighter Sold Here - Starting @ 1.25

Fairfax Newsstand offers a wide variety of lighter and accessories. Come and check out or call for new inventory

Blu E-Cig starting at $9.99


We sell e-cigs and a huge variety or flavors to fit all your smoking needs.

Njoy E-Cig Low as $6.99

Latest e-cig innovation; try NJOY Daily is our newest electronic cigarette that delivers an authentic, satisfying experience. New design, new technology, a whole new reason to NJOY yourself. Come check out in store

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Looking for wholesale price and wide varieties come and check out we sell zippo lighters by case. Don’t miss the big sale.

Golfing and Cigars go hand in hand!

We are only minutes away from golf course, come and have your favorite premium cigar

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