We have a huge array of prepackaged, brand name loose tobacco, bulk tobacco and rolling papers for your smoking pleasure.

We carry a variety of fresh and delicious premium cigarette tobacco, pipe tobacco and a variety of invigorating snuff tobaccos as well variety of loose tobacco for those who wish to roll their own cigarettes. Many of our bulk tobaccos are blended on site from the highest quality tobaccos grown anywhere in the world and we are happy to do custom blending for any of our customers. Are you interested in rolling your own (RYO) but haven’t gotten started yet? Come to Fairfax News Stand in Wilmington, DE and one of our expert staff show you everything you need to get started.

Enjoy a Relaxing Smoke

We carries a wide variety of Chewing tobacco and pipe and roll-your-own (loose) cigarette tobaccos that are sure to sooth your tastes. 

OHM Pipe Tobacco : $13.99 lb

Available in multiple flavours come check it out in store

CRISS CROSS $16.99 lb

Wide cut tobacco, quality product at affordable price

Good Stuff $13.99 lb

Smooth pipe tobacco manufactured in the USA. Try some today!

Cherry Blend4 $3.49 / 1.5oz

Try sweet and fruity flavour. One of the best in market!

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Our Pipe & Chew Tobacco Price List

We carry wide variety of Chewing Tobacco, Cigars, Roll-Your-Own Smoking Tobacco and Snuff

Copenhagen Fine Cut can $4.99
Copenhagen L/C Wintergreen  can $4.19
Grizzly F/C Wintergreen can $4.19
Grizzly L/C Mint can $4.19
Hawken L/C Wintergreen can $ 4.79
Kodiak L/C Ice Mint
Kodiak L/C Wintergreen can $ 4.79
Levi Garrett $7.49
LongHorn F/C  Wintergreen can $3.49
RedMan Chew $6.99
RedMan Golden Blend $6.99
Camel Snus Frost can $3.29
Skoal Bandit Mint can $5.59
Skoal X-Tra L/C Crisp Bld can $4.29
Stokers  L/C Straight can $2.89
Gambler $13.99 lb
Ohm $13.99 lb
Good Stuff $13.99 lb
Smokin-G $8.99 8 oz
All Naturalle  $7.99 6 oz
Criss-Cross $16.99 lb
Captain Black $6.49 1.5 oz
Half&Half $3.49 1.5 oz
Cherry Blend4 $3.49 1.5 oz
Borkum Riff $23.99 7oz
E-Z Wider 1-1/2 R0ll Paper $1.99
E-Z Wider 1-1/4 Roll Paper $1.99
E-Z Wider Double Wide  50’s
E-Z Wider Slow Burn $1.99
Job 1.25 Rolling Paper $1.99
Job 1.5 Rolling Paper $1.99
Joker 1.5 Papers 24ct $1.99
Top Cigarette Paper $1.99
Ocm $1.99
Raw $1.99

Quality Product at Affordable Price

Whether you smoke from a conventional pipe or roll your own in tubes or papers, you’re sure to find something satisfying from our selection of fine tobaccos.